Our Hospital

Welcome to The Carroll Small Animal Clinic!

Our waiting room is fully stocked with all the food and treats your pet will need.

When you and your pet come in for your appointment, we like to take our time to get to know you and your pet.  

If your pet has an injury that requires sedation, stitches or any other treatment, we will bring them to the Treatment Room.  Here we are able to have the lighting and all the tools we may need to assist your pet. 

Our Critical Care Unit is for those that are recovering from surgery or are sick and need to rest peacefully.  This unit is separate from the other kennels to ensure your pet gets the rest it needs.

Our Consultation Room is available for clients that are in to consult with Dr. Whited. 

Whether your pet is on a prescription to alleviate pain or an antibiotic to help fight infection, Carroll Small Animal Clinic's pharmacy is essential for the health and wellness of your pet.

Our X-ray and Surgery room are equipt with the best equipment needed to care for your pets.  We have lab equipment in house so we can get some results we are needing much quicker.