Pet Memorials

Rose Landgraf 

Rose was such a loving dog, she loved to be outside and were ever

her owners were. She will be very much missed.

Lacey Strautman

Lacey was always a happy dog, she will be very missed by everyone!

Alvie McCarville

Alvie was a very good girl, she will be very missed by her pal Maggie and family.

 She will be missed greatly!



Nani Jones

Nani was always such a sweetheart and will be missed by her owners and the Staff at the clinic. Also missed by all of her fur friends
Abby, Bailey, Cody, Kylie, and Max


Misty was such a great friend.

 She will be missed greatly!



Annie Hoevelkamp

Annie was a rescue from a kill shelter. She was anxious, but the most loyal and loving companion we could ask for. She loved our babies as if they were her own. And loved their dirty diapers even more. She will be truly missed. "

From: the Hoevelkamp Family


Butch Kanne

Such a good boy! Butch was loved so much and will be missed greatly.  


Tee Tucker Hough

Tee Tucker will be missed by so many!  He was the best feline friend anyone could ask for.  Rest In Peace Tee Tucker!


Smokey Short

Smokey was a great guy with a wonderful personality.  He always enjoyed his bath and spending time with us here at the clinic.


Jade Wessling

Loyal Friend and Companion...

So many memories forever cherished in our thoughts; car rides, chasing rabbits and deer, playing ball and your energetic enthusiasm in anticipation of and taking our daily walks.  Such a small fellow who rarely would bark, but you would always let us know when it had to be done your way.  Every person you came across you had to know, you loved to be chased in a game of tag, and how you liked to bury your head in the newly fallen snow.  We can still recall your excitement every time you got a toy that would squeak, only to become quickly bored and expect another in less than a week.  Who ever thought that such a great friendship could come to an end, your presence is sorely missed now that you're no longer following us around as our personal protector and best friend.  The memory which meant so much more is how you stood on your back legs with a smile on your face as you would greet us home each night by the front door.

The house seems so different now as do the places we together used to roam, but now you are a better place as you start your new life at your new forever home.

You gave us many happy years, and for that you will always be treasured.  We will never forget.

Misty England

Misty has been a part of our family since she was a kitten and she will be missed!!  She was such a good girl during her visits and we enjoyed those times. 


Maddie Wells

Maddie was such a good girl.  She enjoyed her groom times and was always so adorable!  She will be missed!



Kissy Lee Buchman

Our hearts are broken.  Kissy went to heaven on January 24, 2016.  Our journey began in September of 2001.  She went about everywhere with us, including vacations and holidays.  She was very smart and would sit whenever she wanted a treat.  Her name fit her as she gave us millions of kisses.  We remember her big brown eyes and those special kisses.  Most of all, everyday you are lucky enough to have your dog family members in your lives, be grateful for the silly moments, the cuddles, and the welcoming barks. Revel in that magical and loving presence in your life.  Feeling the love, kind thoughts and cherished memories unite our hearts.


Sasha Meyer

Sasha was a gentle, loving soul. She will be missed by everyone that knew her.



Frankey Vanderheiden

Frankey was such a beautiful girl.  She was always a good kitty and we will all miss her!



Sadie Alley

Sadie was the sweetest companion and best hunting dog anyone could ever have.  She is... and always will be missed every day.  No longer by my side but forever in my heart!!


Carver Simons

Carver was such a good boy.  He was always happy to see us at the clinic.  He enjoyed his grooms as much as he did getting dirty!


Allie Boehm

Allie was a life long friend who was always there for her family. She will never be forgotten!


Biscuit Nelson

Such a friendly companion, he loved his chews and being outside. He was such a good boy!  Happy go lucky friend to all...  You will always be in our hearts.  


Otis Porter


Devoted Friend you gave us tears of laughter while you were here.  Now we have tears of sadness because you are gone.  You will be forever in our hearts.  Otis, we miss you very much.


Jasmine Danner

Jasmine was a stray who wandered into my life in 2007.  These past 6 years with you "Jazz", have been so very fun and happy with memories I will forever cherish in my heart!  Thank you, "pumpkin", for all your love and I will never forget our time together.  I love you always, to the moon and back!

Tallie Oliver

Tallie was the best friend anyone could have, she will be missed by everyone who met her, she was always a very good girl! 

Izzy Brower

 Izzy had such a great personality, she was always so happy and loved her playtime and treats! She will be missed by family and everyone at the Carroll Small Animal Clinic.