Radiology (X-rays)

The Carroll Small Animal Clinic is excited to announce that we have upgraded our radiology service with a state-of-the-art digital radiography (DR) system and Digital Dental Xrays. Digital cameras have changed the world of photography, making the process easier and more efficient by eliminating film. Similarly, DR systems have also revolutionized and improved the process of taking x-rays.

Digital x-rays provide the veterinarian with a high quality radiographic image that can be viewed immediately on a high-resolution monitor without the need for film development. The process of taking radiographs has become more efficient and, therefore, less stressful to our patients. Digital x-ray systems also offer sophisticated image processing tools, giving the veterinarian much greater depth of information that can be enlarged or manipulated for better detail, resulting in closer scrutiny of potential areas of concern.

Digital x-rays will better help us to help you. We will now be able to visualize the mouth and full body with higher quality, helping to further enhance our diagnosis and treatment of your pet. All of these benefits will allow us to maintain our ongoing commitment to providing excellent veterinary care for our clients and their beloved pets.