Ticks and Mosquitoes

Could they be secretly infecting your dog?

ticksandmosqu.jpgLyme disease is carried by the deer tick.  The bacteria causes fever, lameness, and kidney failure.

Anaplasmosis is carried by the deer tick.  The bacteria causes fever, painful joints, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Ehrlichoiosis is carried by the brown dog tick.  The bacteria causes depression, fever, pale gums, and loss of appetitie.

Heartworm disease is carried by the mosquito.  The larvae develop into worms that live in the heart.  Signs of disease include coughing, weight loss, reduced appetitie, and reluctance to exercise.

Disease progression if left untreated can be kidney failure, damaged joints, and sudden death due to bleeding complications and heart failure.

Diagnosis:  Simple blood test can detect four infections in one blood sample in less than 10 minutes.

Treatment is available if diagnosed early.  Prognosis is good if caught and treated early.  Some of these infections cannot be cured completely, but early intervention usually provides the best prognosis.

Prevention is the best alternative:  Daily tick inspection, and use of good tick products.  Vaccination for Lyme disease and monthly heartworm prevention are vital to control these diseases.