• "Carroll Small Animal Clinic does a wonderful job caring and grooming our little Daisy. Daisy loves to come and see the girls at the clinic."
    Deb Grossman
  • "Beatrice had such a wonderful first experience with such kind and dedicated staff for her first visit.....thanks dr. whited and staff:)"
    Vicki Lyman
  • "Every experience i have had here has been wonderful, from my old cat and her issues to my new kitty. We have loved everytime we have been in!"
    Tonja Geister
  • "I am extremely happy with the care my cats get from Dr. Whited! I like that she explains all the possiblities of what may be troubling my cats and describes treatments. Her thoroughness gets to the underlying cause of problems rather than just treating the symptoms. She is very knowledable about treating stress related problems naturally (feliway and thundershirt). Dr. Whited is the only vet I want treating my pets! She was even able to treat my cat Max who was deathly afraid of going to the vet and would become a "wildcat". In 15 minutes she was able to hear his heart, look in his eyes, ears, and mouth without scaring him and just gently working with him. I was amazed and knew I had found my vet!"
    Judy Stockbridge
  • "Dr. Whited and staff were so patient with Olive and understood her "unique" needs. I appreciated them taking the time to get to know her and make her feel comfortable."
    Jessica Morton