Stay & Play

We have the facilities to provide your pet with a comfortable stay while you are away. Our dormitory area has several sizes of 'dorms' to chose from ranging in size from small through condo's.  All dorms are provided with a bed and pillow along with stainless steel bowls.  Cats are provided with litter boxes as well.  Dogs are let out every 3 hours for a potty break and some exercise in our cemented, fenced in area.

Small, Medium, and XL dorms shown above

We will feed any specialized or prescriptive diets that may be required as well as medicate any animals as needed.

If you would like daily updates on your pet, we will gladly give you a call or text you some pictures with how their day has been going.

Requirements for Stay & Play

  • Must be on Flea & Tick Prevention - Flea collars do not count!
  • Vaccinations will need to be current and verified
  • Dogs - Rabies, Distemper/Parvo, & Bordetella  Cats - Rabies & Distemper/Calici
  • Must have a current Intestinal Parasite check or be on Prevention

Boarding Packages and Add Ons

  • One-on-One Play Time - 20 minutes play time just for them
  • Group Play Time - 20 minutes play time with other dogs
  • Puzzle Treat - Kong filled treat with cookies and/or peanut butter in their kennel
  • Treat Time - Ice cream and 2 biscuits in their kennel
  • Bizzy Bundle - Includes Puzzle Treat,  Treat Time, and 1 Group play time
  • Snack & Play - Includes Puzzle Treat, Treat Time and 2 Group play times
  • Exit Bath - just a bath to freshen your pet up - doesn't include brushing or nail trim

We can also set up a grooming time for your pet if time permits during their stay.  Grooming includes a bath, nail trim, forced air dry, styling, and ear cleaning.  Check out our Grooming & Pet Spa page!